That’s how much revenue we have helped our clients generate, through streamlining their online house and land package sales systems.

19 years

We have been doing this for nearly 2 decades, and have helped our clients stay ahead of the fast changing digital trends in property sales.


Improve cashflow and reduce lead time with all your marketing and sales management through to completion in one place accessible to all stakeholders.


Our unique business model and competitive pricing plans are payable only when you experience success.


Online training and support from our friendly Australian-based team.

What is PIPR?

PiPr solves new house and land builder developers biggest problem – scalability of sales.

To effectively manage and enable a high volume of transactions on investment ready stock, Pipr provides developers with a unique cloud-based portal to streamline their sales management process.

This system replaces time consuming manual approaches that restrict the amount of stock builder developers can control as well as limits the size of their agent and sales opportunity network.

PiPr is based on experience developing stand alone systems for large developers for over 15 years. Before now, small to mid size development & building companies couldn’t afford to invest in the technology and build the agents networks that larger firms used. PiPr opens the market to offer any builder developer the opportunity to digitally manage stock, and in turn grow sales.

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