Energy Efficient Home Builders

In 2020, the home building industry saw a shift away from outdated construction methods. This is owed to the adverse effects on both the environment and human health (i.e., asbestos and HVAC issues). Alternatively, due to the growing concern over climate change, there has been a shift towards sustainable homes that are environmentally responsible and both resource-efficient and energy efficient. If you are increasingly concerned with the origin of your homes building materials and their impact on the environment or if you want to simply just reduce your energy bills, here are a number of energy efficient home builders in Australia that can assist you.

What is an energy efficient home?

Before delving into some of Australia’s energy efficient home builders, it is helpful to understand what an energy efficient home is. An energy efficient home reduces unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and its demand for non-renewable energy resources. The following are a number of building materials and features your home builder may consider in constructing your sustainable home.


Insulation is a significant factor in cutting your cooling and heating expenditure by as much as 50%. It can retain heat during the winter by restricting airflow, but it also keeps the heat out in summer. Insulating your home properly can help you save money by saving energy, and keep you comfortable all year round. Your home builder will be able to choose the best type of insulation for your location and local climate.


Depending on where your new home will be located, employing lightweight materials such as timber that have low thermal mass can moderate the internal temperatures by averaging day and night extremes.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are useful in nearly all climates. It uses light from the sun to convert into power which can be used for appliances in your home. The initial costs of installing a solar panel system can be quite high. However, solar panels have proven to reduce Australia’s energy usage by up to 40% in average homes.

Windows and doors

Home builders can position windows and doors in strategic locations to reduce the loss of cooling or heating energy. Energy efficient windows (e.g., double-glazed windows) can prevent warm or cool air from escaping. Therefore, minimising air leakage and reducing the need for energy use.

Passive orientation

By taking into consideration the right position and the right use of your land. When constructing your home, you may be able to minimise heating and cooling costs. This comes down to positioning your home in a way that captures breezes, not chilled winds and captures sunlight, not heat.

If you want to learn more about energy efficiency at home, below is a video that will help you make simple changes to create a comfortable energy efficient home:

Key drivers in a move towards green homes are that you can lower your electricity bill, lower your carbon footprint and ultimately your home may be a large initial financial outlay. Your home is likely to increase in value with energy efficient installations. Therefore, opting for energy efficient builders that are aware of these features can make your home comfortable and efficient.

Key Players in the Energy Efficient Building Industry

Green Homes Australia (GHA)

Green Homes Australia (GHA) is the only new home builder in Australia that is in compliance with the International Standards Organisation for the design and construction of energy efficient homes. One of the noteworthy undertakings GHA promises is a fully inclusive quote that includes everything, such as the final cost that will be in alignment with the contract and what is agreed upon. Additionally, GHA offers various financing options to assist you with your financial situation. Find out more about Green Home Australia’s endeavour to sustainable homes below:


Henley remarkably asserts that they introduced 5-star energy rated homes before the government made this a mandatory requirement. This clearly demonstrates the companies initiative and commitment to sustainability. Henley equips every home with innovations such as carbon-reduced concrete slabs, high-performance downlights, double glazed windows and draught-proof exhaust fans. Henley emphasises leveraging nature and technology to deliver energy cost reductions by offering affordable options.


Timberset offers an exceptional alternative to conventional building methods and materials. One of the ways Timberset are committed to environmental responsibility is by using only plantation pine from local responsibly managed forests. Timber used in Timberset homes requires only a small fraction of the energy that otherwise would be consumed in the production of bricks or concrete.

The Sociable Weaver

The Sociable Weaver is well-known for building the first residence with a 10-star energy rating in Victoria. This home does not employ any mechanical heating or cooling. Instead, it self-heats and cools via a passive solar system, cross-flow ventilation, thermal mass concrete floors and heavy-duty insulation. The companies key goal is to build sustainable homes that enhance human and environmental health. Impressively, The Sociable Weaver design homes that have a minimum 7-star energy rating.

Highbury Homes

Highbury Homes focus on building energy efficient homes that feature: efficient design, photovoltaic and battery storage energy systems, insulation, cladding, wall types, star ratings and R-values, recycling and reducing on-site waste and roofing. Additionally, Highbury Homes offers a ‘hard hat’ tour that can assist you in understanding the concepts and methods of energy efficient home building and how they can apply to your new home.

These are only a few of the multitude of energy efficient home builders in Australia that can build your dream home, without costing the earth.

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