Open for sales 24/7 worldwide

Wishing there was more time in the day for sales?
PiPr’s Sales Management Software does this for you.

Without a single spreadsheet in sight…

On the market, all the time

Gone are the days when agents and clients will wait to do business with you between 9-5, Monday to Friday. The expectation now is that you can be available to answer questions or reserve a property at any time.

PiPr allows you to offer this, no matter what timezone your agent is living in, an all-in-one sales automation system.

With the latest stocklists and sales and marketing marketing materials available online, potential purchasers can browse stock at their convenience, and with PiPr’s automated sales process, they can purchase the property online.

When a piece of stock is reserved, it is also removed from the market, meaning it cannot be accidentally sold again, this is where the PiPr construction CRM system saves you time.

Much like the dynamic brochure creator, PiPr’s sales automation system will dynamically create the tender document, including all the details of the client for their sign off and approval.

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